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Industrial Elevator

If your commercial space spans multiple floors, accessibility for everyone is not just a choice but a legal requirement. A dumbwaiter would not suffice, but worry not Attico ElevatorsBest Elevator Company has the solution. We specialize in industrial elevator solutions, and hence ensure your property complies with regulations and is accessible to everyone.

State-of-the-art components and technology render enhanced load handling capacity. These are the best elevators to carry the goods. The size or carrying capacity of the elevator can be customized as per individual’s needs. These are used in all types of Industrial Buildings. Our Goods / Freight lifts are also safe to carry goods without any inconvenience. Attico’s Goods / Freight Elevator range is another example of efficient engineering to meet the rough and tumble of moving heavy goods in industrial setups.

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Use of Industrial Elevator?

In the fast-paced corporate world, efficiency is key. Companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and enhance the overall experience for employees and clients. One often overlooked yet essential aspect of modern business infrastructure is the commercial elevator. These vertical transportation systems of Industrial goods lift improve accessibility, save time, and maximize space within commercial buildings. We understand that buying a commercial elevator raises several questions: How much does it cost? How much space is required for installation? Which type of commercial lift is the best fit for your needs? To assist you in making an informed decision, our knowledgeable service expert is here to help you.

Types of Industrial Lifts

Whether you manage a bustling multi-level mega-mall or a sophisticated office building, a corporate elevator is essential. We provide a diverse type of Industrial lifts to choose from. We offer a variety of commercial elevators for sale, each differing in size, style, and design to cater to various needs. For example, our Industrial lift solutions are versatile and suitable for almost any application. Also, our LULA (limited-use/limited-application) elevators are specifically designed to enhance accessibility in spaces such as churches, small offices, or buildings with up to three levels. These elevators are slightly smaller than standard passenger elevators. Choosing the right commercial lift depends on factors such as the volume of people or freight you need to transport and the available space in your building. Safety features such as emergency brakes, door interlocks, and backup power supply are integral components. Whatever your requirements, Attico Elevators has a solution tailored to your needs and varied Industrial elevator types in our products category.

Passenger Elevator- A passenger elevator is designed for the vertical movement of people within a building. It consists of a lift car that moves up and down along guide rails within a shaft, powered by an electric motor. Essential for multi-story buildings, commercial Malls provides convenient access to different floors and levels. We offer passenger elevators in various sizes, capacities, and designs to accommodate different building layouts and user requirements. Passenger elevators are widely used in residential multi floor buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals.

Service Elevator- Service Elevator are built for commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and hotels, where there is a need to transport bulky items, furniture, supplies, stretchers, hospital beds or even vehicles between different floors. These are useful to offer cargo service in hospitality industry such as housekeeping staff can move cleaning carts, hospital staff can move beds or wheelchairs in stretcher elevator.

Dumbwaiter- A small version of freight elevator used for transport of food in multi-story restaurant or hotels. Dumbwaiters are commonly found in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and residential buildings where there is a need to move items quickly and conveniently between floors without the need for human intervention.

Goods Elevator- Goods elevator is a type of commercial elevator designed for the transportation of goods, equipment, or materials rather than passengers. Unlike passenger elevators, service elevators have larger capacities and are equipped with features such as rugged construction, reinforced floors, and heavy-duty doors to withstand the demands of moving heavy loads.

Best Industrial Elevator Company

Choose Attico Elevators, one of the most renowned Industrial Elevator Manufacturers, has earned trust as a reliable source for commercial lifts and Industrial elevator solutions. Feel free to reach out to us for a free quote for price of commercial elevator or home elevator and explore our diverse range of lift solutions. We have got all your needs covered with affordable and reliable elevator solutions in Delhi.