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MRL Elevator

Brings extra to every mid-rise buildings

Atticos Machine Room Less (MRL) elevator crafted with minute details, state of the art design and cutting-edge technology suitable for low to medium rise buildings. MRL elevator have unique configuration which offers brilliant solution to increase your returns the machine mounted inside of the shaft, eliminates the need for a stereotype machine room and hence reduce the construction cost. Instead, the necessary equipment, such as the motor, controller, and other components, are housed within the shaft structure itself, usually at the top or bottom of the elevator hoistway.

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Advantages of MRL Elevators

  • Space-saving: MRL elevators save valuable building space, making them suitable for smaller or space-constrained buildings.
  • Construction flexibility: The absence of a machine room can simplify the building elevation design and construction process, as there is no need to allocate space for a separate room dedicated to house elevator equipment.
  • Energy efficiency: MRL elevators often use gearless traction machines, which can be more energy-efficient than traditional elevator systems, leading to potential cost savings over time.
  • Installation and maintenance ease: With fewer components and a more compact design, MRL elevators can be easier and quicker to install and maintain compared to traditional elevator systems.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: The elimination of the machine room can lead to cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing elevator designs, as there are fewer visible components.

MRL Home Elevators

MRL elevators are preferred for residential lifts where space is limited since they don’t require a dedicated machine room. It offers a cleaner, more streamlined design. If you value aesthetics and want a home lift that integrates seamlessly into your home’s design, an MRL home elevator could be a good choice.

Easier and quicker to install compared to traditional elevator systems make it perfect choice for small home lifts. Installation of MRL elevator can incur high initial cost compared to traditional elevator systems.