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5 Reasons Why Attico Elevators Should Be Your Choice!

5 Reasons Why Attico Elevators Should Be Your Choice!

Attico Elevators is a renowned and accomplished elevator production and installation company, especially recognized as a leader in the Home Elevator market. The credit for our success goes to our team who have years of experience in the elevator industry. Since our establishment, we have aimed to rival the best globally. Attico Elevators has steadily progressed and is now an industry leader with numerous successful projects. Our products are the outcome of in-house research and development. We provide an ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and affordability.

Our elevators are designed to simplify the management of the complexity of your space and offer easy control and convenience. We provide a variety of elevator options suitable for tight spaces. Attico Elevator Manufacturers also offers automated lift solutions for various scenarios, including narrow indoor and outdoor spaces, energy-intensive buildings, and structures with high accessibility requirements. Plus, our automated lift systems can significantly lower energy costs.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Attico Elevators:

1. Glocal Partner of GMV

Attico Elevators operates as a business partner of GMV India, a 100% subsidiary of GMV Spa in Milan, Italy. Founded by a team of accomplished professionals with extensive corporate experience in vertical transportation, Attico Elevators specializes in designing, specifying, obtaining, and implementing exceptional elevator solutions. Our aim is to collaborate in your success and assist in delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions designed to your needs.

2. Customization

Attico Elevators, the Best Industrial Elevator Company, always listen to their customers and then proceed to fulfil their requirements. This way, we ensure that every service meets their expectations. All the projects we have worked on adhered to the preferences and requirements of our customers. Some customers desire more luxury and spacious lifts while some require a small lift that can fit their space seamlessly.

3. Elevator System Specialist

Many of our competitors wonder how we managed to come this far in the industry. Well, the reason is that we have highly qualified individuals with us who make sure that every product we manufacture reflects new-era innovation and technology. We are proud of our team as they have made us the leading manufacturer and supplier in this industry. Get in touch with us, let us know your requirements, and leave the rest to our experts. You will receive a fine service with no mistakes within the deadline.

4. Economical

By manufacturing and installing the product efficiently, we save substantial costs per project. Thus, we are able to provide elevators at such an affordable rate, which our customers find unbelievable. Therefore, even if you are on a low budget, there is nothing to worry about. You can avail of our excellent services at a reasonable price. From Attico Elevators, you will get the perfect combination of quality and price.

5. Safety

Our elevators are carefully manufactured to ensure every part is well-fitted and thoughtfully designed. Features like ARD (Automatic Rescue Device), Access Control, and Multi-ray door protection provide a safe and secure vertical travel experience. At Attico Elevators, we prioritize the safety of individuals. If you encounter any issues with the lift, do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled technicians will immediately address the problem so that you can continue using the conveniences of our lift soon with peace of mind.

Attico Elevators Offers

Home Elevators

Enhance your residential property with Attico Elevators. Provide a beautiful upgrade that can truly transform your daily life. Installing an elevator also significantly improves your overall well-being. Especially beneficial for elderly individuals dealing with physical issues, residential elevators are a practical solution. Thanks to technology, integrating elevators into architecture and interior design to balance functionality and style is now effortless.

Attico Elevators offers affordable custom options as well as more lavish choices. Even if you think the volume or design of your home is not suitable for an elevator, we have small lift solutions. Choose our flexible solution for residential elevators that are safe, stylish, and harmoniously blend form and function. Our highly customizable and scalable home elevators are specially designed for bungalows, villas, penthouses, row houses, and independent homes.

Automobile Elevator

Innovation and technology have consistently simplified our lives by tackling challenges faced by urban cities, garages, and automobile workshops. A major issue has been the limited space for parking cars or working on them comfortably. Enter the Automobile Elevator, a revolutionary solution to this problem. By choosing this machinery, you can free yourself from the hassle of parking your vehicle.

Understanding the customer requirements thoroughly, “ATTICO” has designed a fully automated vertical auto lift that offers fast, convenient, and safe movement of vehicles to designated floor levels. This system is tailored for moving cars in locations like apartment parking, car showrooms, garages, and homes in high-density areas where horizontal land space is at a premium.

Industrial Elevator

In commercial spaces spanning multiple floors, providing accessibility to everyone is not just a choice but a legal requirement. While a dumbwaiter might not suffice, there is no need to worry—Attico Elevators has the perfect solution. We specialize in industrial elevator solutions to ensure your property complies with regulations and is accessible to everyone.

Our elevators incorporate state-of-the-art components and technology to enhance load-handling capacity. The size or carrying capacity of the elevator can be customized according to individual needs and is suitable for various types of industrial buildings. Also, Attico’s Goods/Freight lifts are designed to be safe for carrying passengers. Our product exemplifies efficient engineering to handle the challenges of moving heavy goods in industrial setups.


These specialized elevators are utilized for transporting food, crockery, cutlery, and other items from the kitchen to different floors in a hotel. Specifically designed to meet the necessary standards of hygiene and aesthetics essential for the hospitality industry, these elevators ensure smooth movement. The capacities of these elevators are different and can be customized according to the specific architectural setup of the hotel.


Attico Elevators is a leading enterprise renowned for its expertise in manufacturing, customizing, installing, and maintaining various types of elevators for more than a decade. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and a team of dynamic professionals, our products are technically robust, aesthetically appealing, and adhere to global quality standards.

Our product range includes a variety of elevators, including Home, Passenger, Freight, Car, and MRL elevators, catering to diverse purposes such as residential, retail, commercial, and industrial needs. We manufacture elevators with different speeds, multiple control systems, and other customized specifications. So, consider Attico Elevators your first choice, when you decide to install an elevator. From customization to cost-effectiveness, we fulfil every criterion to be your partner in your vertical journey.