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Home Elevators

Give your residential property a beautiful upgrade with Attico Elevators. Installing an elevator in your home can truly transform your daily life. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your home, but it also brings a significant improvement to your overall well-being. Residential elevators are a boon, especially for elderly individuals dealing with arthritis or other similar issues. Thanks to technology, customizing elevator configurations has never been easier. Now, people can effortlessly integrate these elevators into interior and use design in building elevation, which cater to both functionality and style. Home elevators are not just a luxury, they serve as a practical solution for tall stories of apartments and specially helping physically challenged individuals.

Attico Elevators gives you an affordable custom option as well as a more lavish choice. If you think your house volume or design is not suitable for an elevator, well, we have small lifts for home. Get ATTICO’S flexible solution for residential elevators that are robust, dynamic, safe and stylish unifying form and function. Get wide range of residential elevators in Delhi for different type of house needs and specially designed for bungalows, villas, penthouse, row house and independent homes. We present highly customizable and scalable home lifts, technically robust, aesthetically appealing and demonstrate global quality standards.

Types of Home Lifts

Hydraulic Lift for Home

Hydraulic home elevators are heavy-duty elevators and a popular choice for residential use due to their smooth operation, reliability, and space-saving design. These are preferred option among homeowners seeking a quiet and secure ride is the hydraulic home elevators.

Technical Features: Hydraulic home elevators operate using a hydraulic system consisting of a piston, cylinder, and hydraulic fluid. It is best choice for smooth and quiet ride, space-efficient with separate machine room.

Benefits: Suitable for low- to mid-rise residential buildings, quiet operation, smooth ride.

Considerations: Needs area for a hydraulic pump and reservoir, or a machine room.

Platform Lift for Home (Wheelchair lift)

Platform lifts, sometimes referred to as vertical platform lifts (VPLs), make wheelchairs and mobility scooters accessible to people in need of them. For many individuals, especially those with disabilities, parents with pushchairs, and the elderly, stair lifts and platform elevators serve as the best alternatives to stairs and escalators.

Technical Features: The Platform is moved by hydraulic cylinder with nominal speed 0.15 m/s. The System control equipment is placed in small cabinet located upto 5 meters from the hoistway. Platform elevators are shaftless elevator lift and requires least amount of space compared to traditional elevators.

Benefits: Suitable for people with limited mobility; wheelchairs and scooters can be accommodated.

Considerations: Requires vertical transit between levels and space for installation, among other considerations.

Automatic MRL Home Elevator

By eliminating the need for a separate machine room, MRL lifts elevators save valuable space in buildings, making them ideal for installations in smaller or space-constrained areas. Automatic home elevator features low pit depth and head room height. The machine roomless solution enables architectural freedom.

Technical Features: Automatic releveling, stop button on car operating panel, emergency alarm/light, overload indicator, auto cutoff fans, multiple entrances are specific features of Attico Automatic lifts for home.

Benefits: Design that saves space, ideal for houses where aesthetics are important or when there is a shortage of room.

Considerations: The initial installation cost can be more than for standard elevators.

Home Elevators Company in Delhi

Attico Elevators is leading Home elevators company in Delhi with a decade of experiences and service in Pan-India. We are certified provider of Residential elevators and platform lifts in India. Our products are customized keeping budget, need, luxury and space parameters in mind.


In partnership with World Leading Hydraulic Elevator Manufacturing Company GMV, our home lifts in India assures utmost safety and complies with European standards. Have a look at features of best home elevators in India:

  • Machine room-less design for the most usable home elevation.
  • Spacious car cabin with 5% larger space than the average traction cab.
  • Distinctive Design and aesthetic options
  • Eco-friendly technical specifications
  • Smooth and quiet operation with NGV electronic value
  • Fit for limited spaces too

Essential Components of Home Lifts

Lift Car- Lift car is most essential part of home lifts with various customization options of ceiling, lighting, handrail, flooring and wall finishes.

Car Panel Doors- Customize your home lift with manual swing door, telescopic door, center opening door or glass door and beautify your house interior.

Lift Button Panels- Match you home décor with customized lift button panels available in transparent or touch panels.

Need of home lifts

  • Home lift not only save a significant amount of space compared to stairwells but also meet the high safety standards. This space-saving feature proves especially beneficial when installing a lift in areas like parking lots, where space is limited.
  • With cutting-edge technology, lift-assist systems now use screw-driven mechanisms for additional safety. These lifts come in various models, including the luxurious 360-degree glass lift.
  • Built on Scandinavian design principles, house lift not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces. In office environments, they exude professionalism, while in retail settings, they contribute to the overall design element. Even in homes, lifts can be installed stylishly, designed to match the existing decor without the need for extensive building work.

Ease Your Daily Life with Residential Elevators

Elevators serve a fundamental purpose, transporting people and items between the various floors of multi-story buildings. Their function goes beyond mere convenience; they simplify the task of moving goods and individuals. While essential in towering commercial structures, elevators also play a vital role in residential properties. The residents can age in the comfort of their own homes rather than relocating to assisted living facilities. In short, elevators are not just a convenience but a necessity, which gives mobility and independence to people in various settings.

We, at Attico Elevators, make sure that each component of household lifts mentioned above goes through keen-eye detail. Because of such a well manufacturing process, our customers do not have to worry about lift maintenance or servicing for a long time. By contacting us, you can have the comfort and best deal of the best home elevators in India for a long-extended time zone.

Why Choose Attico as Residential home elevator provider

Attico Elevators is one of the best lifts manufacturers and suppliers in India to offer comprehensive home elevator solutions that stand out by seamlessly integrating into any home, eliminating the need for extensive preparations and construction commonly associated with traditional lifts. If you are in search of a customizable lift solution that causes minimal disruption to your daily routine and reduces building costs, our product and service will meet your expectations. So, add our affordable home elevators to your cart and provide your family members the comfort they deserve. However, Attico Elevators stands out from the competition in the following ways:

  • Convenience and Accessibility
  • Modern and sustainable Amenities
  • Space Utilization
  • Safety
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Capacity and Efficiency
  • Value and Investment