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Home Elevators from Luxury to Necessity

Home Elevators from Luxury to Necessity

When you think about having an elevator at home, what do you picture? You might imagine a fancy, tall house with an elevator that smoothly takes people to different floors. Or, it could be a practical home with an elevator designed for those who use wheelchairs or have difficulty moving around easily.

While needing an elevator or wanting a luxurious touch are common reasons, there are other good things about having one at home. It can make your house safer and more useful, and it might even increase the value of your property. Let us explore some advantages of installing an elevator.

Advantages That Make Home Elevators A Necessity

Nowadays, Residential lifts have become more than luxury. How? Well, go through the below-listed benefits to find out!

1. Safety First

For some people, stairs can be a challenge. It could be due to a medical condition, an injury, or a concern about tripping and falling. Installing an elevator provides a secure way for you and your family to move between floors. Apart from making it more convenient and safer to navigate your home, elevators come with various safety features.

Many residential elevators, for instance, are equipped with safety gates that comply with codes. Some also have emergency battery-powered lowering and lighting in the cab, along with continuous cab monitoring. To boost the safety of your home elevator, you can choose a model with light curtains and door safety guards.

2. Ageing in Place

Your family home holds many memories, and it is natural to want to stay there as long as you can. But, as you age, you may face challenges with moving around, especially climbing stairs. Having a home elevator can make it easier for you to continue living in your home as you get older, allowing you to age in place comfortably.

3. No Need For A Big Home

People often install a residential elevator along with other changes to make their homes more accessible. These changes might involve putting ramps instead of short sets of stairs or swapping step-in bathtubs for walk-in showers. If you are thinking of moving to a smaller home but still want to be independent, it could be a good idea to look for a smaller house that already has an elevator. This way, you can downsize while still enjoying the benefits of an accessible home.

4. Practical Efficiency

A home elevator makes going between floors in your house easier, whether it is people moving or items. It can carry heavy grocery bags, large storage boxes, or awkwardly shaped equipment from one floor to another. If the thought of hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs bothers you or if the holiday season involves bringing boxes of decorations from the attic to the living area, having an elevator can be really useful.

5. Increasing Property Value

At some point, you might think about selling your home. When that happens, you probably want to sell it for more than what you originally paid. The value of your home tends to go up over time due to inflation and changes in the real estate market. You can also increase its value by making improvements to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Wondering if adding an elevator adds value to your home? It could.

To get an idea of how much value it might add, you can hire an appraiser. Appraisers assess properties to figure out their worth. They will check the condition of your home, look at special features like an elevator, and consider any safety concerns. They also look at the selling prices of similar homes in the area. The appraiser can not only tell you the current market value of your home but also estimate how much its value might increase if you make additions like adding an elevator. This way, you can compare the increased value to the cost of installing the elevator and decide if it is a good investment.

6. Saves Space

A home elevator takes up less space than a regular stairwell, letting you maximize the available space. It can be installed on the outside of a house, flush with the wall, or designed to open up previously unused or unavailable space. Choosing a home elevator can provide homeowners with more practical space, potentially boosting the resale value.


Whether you prefer a modern and polished elevator or one with a warm and welcoming feel, you have options. Attico, undoubtedly the Best Elevator Company, provides multi-cab styles, ranging from a simple design that you can paint in your preferred colour to cabs with sophisticated, solid-wood panelling. If you lean towards a sleek, modern appearance, there is also an option with an aluminium frame.

Our elevators are entirely customizable, allowing you to pick everything from wall finishes, flooring, and ceiling styles to handrail design and lighting. You can even choose a custom size for your elevator.