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In Hospital organizations, mostly there are critical lifesaving activities which include carrying patients to different floors for various reasons.

Recommended Key Features when deciding on a Hospital Lift:

  • Capacity: 10 to 26 passengers.
  • Speed: 0.50 to 1.5 MPs.
  • Design: Specially designed for a stretcher and hospital beds along with an attendant.
  • Multi ray door protection device: Infrared beams makes sure the doors open when someone passes in between them.

An elevator must ensure the safe and smooth flow of important patient-centered processes and enables medical staff to focus on the patient’s condition. Therefore, in a such critical application, Attico Elevator’s robustly designed elevator accommodates a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher) without any hassle because in such critical conditions a minute or few seconds can make a huge difference in hospital organizations Attico Elevators is one of the leading hospital bed elevator manufacturer in India and has come up with lifts that are built especially for the hospitals usually to accommodate stretchers, they are designed in such a manner that patients will have smooth, jerk-less, and safest travel. The capacity of the hospital lift ranges from 10 passengers to 26 passengers.