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Types of Home Elevator Lift in India

Types of Home Elevator Lift in India

Who does not want a home where every floor is at your fingertips with just the push of a button you can be transported from one level to another level of the building while making sure of your comfort, convenience, and style. Many of us think of Home elevator lift as it is just for those with mobility issues but what we don’t know is this small but modern addition adds significant value to any property. The global home lifts market is booming which is projected to reach around $3.07 billion by 2027. This growth is driven by the need for accessibility solutions and desire for home upgrades. Whether you are looking to help an elderly family member, make your home more functional or add some luxury, this home lift guide covers all you need to know about the different types of home lifts.

Home Lift Price in India

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Types of Home Elevator Lift India

Home lift is not a luxury, it is an essential tool to improve your life style and convenience. It allows people with mobility issues to move freely and safely in their home. They make it easier to move heavy items between floors, so daily tasks are simpler and less likely to cause injuries. Home Elevator lift can also increase the value of your property so in future it will attract more potential buyers. With various designs, options and functionalities, home lifts can be tailored to meet your needs and preferences, so till now if you have not installed it yet, this is the time for you to choose one and acquire the benefit of these innovative solutions.

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Small Lift for Home

For limited space, Small Lift for Home is very suitable. But do not go on its looks, despite its smaller size, these lifts offer the same convenience and safety features as larger models. These compact lifts are perfect for transporting 2-3 people or some light weight items between the floors. Well, if you have a small home or apartment, these lifts can be perfect because of their space-efficient design, minimal disruption, easy to install and minimal construction work requirement compared to the other types of home elevator lift. But it is not suitable if you need to transport multiple people or larger items. Get best small lift for home price in India at Attico Elevators.

Large Home Lifts

For larger households or homes with more extensive space, spacious home lifts provide ample room for multiple passengers or heavy loads. These lifts often come with advanced features and higher weight capacities, ensuring comfortable and efficient vertical transportation. Spacious lifts are equipped with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms and customizable interiors, allowing homeowners to match the lift’s design with their home’s decor. While these home elevator lift require more space for installation and come with higher installation and maintenance costs, they offer significant benefits in terms of capacity and luxury appeal.

Glass Lift for Home

Glass lifts add a touch of class and modernity in any home. With their transparent design you have an unobstructed view, open and airy feel. As per your demands, we can design it in any shape and size as well as in Design. Glass lifts can be a feature in your home, functionality and style. Made with tough, safety approved glass these are stylish and safe. Perfect for homeowners who want to add visual appeal to their interior. But with premium materials comes higher cost and the glass needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Glass Lift for Home
Glass Lift for Home

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic Lift for Home uses a hydraulic piston to move the elevator car. Known for their smooth and quiet operation they are best for residential use. They can handle heavier loads and are a popular choice for many homeowners. Hydraulic lifts are durable and long lasting that will give the return of every penny worth the investment. But they require a separate machine room for the hydraulic pump which adds to the installation cost. And there is a risk of hydraulic fluid leaks which requires maintenance.

Traction Lifts

Traction lifts operate using cables and counterweights. They don’t require a machine room, making them more space-efficient. Traction lifts are energy-efficient and provide a smooth ride, making them a popular choice for home installations. These lifts are known for their precise control and efficient operation, leading to lower long-term energy costs. The initial installation can be complex, and regular maintenance is required to ensure smooth operation. Despite these challenges, traction lifts are a reliable and efficient option for many homeowners.

Pneumatic Vacuum Lifts

Pneumatic vacuum elevators work on the principle of air pressure that facilitates the movement of the lift car. The lifts are different from other typical lifts due to main features, that is their modern design and transparent shafts that have a unique and futuristic appearance. These lifts are not only the easiest to install but also require only minimal as well as provide the energy efficiency of the system. In addition, passengers are also able to enjoy a very quiet and smooth experience. These elevators are especially designed for limited installation space homes and when you are in search of the modern look.  However, the lifts only work on limited capacity and are often a bit expensive since they include sophisticated technology and a special look.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts, also known as vertical platform lifts (VPLs), are constructed in such a way that they can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They are constructed as a sturdy platform that moves from one floor to the next enabling all the residents to enjoy accessibility. These lifts are the basic features for homes with wheelchair users so that they can do the mobility barrier free. Wheelchair lifts are commonly positioned on the inside as well as the outside of the home, they are fitted with safety barriers and have non slip surfaces to prevent falling. On the other hand, they will demand a significant amount of space for installation and the need for regular service in order for all the safety features to function correctly.

Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair Lifts

Home Stair Lift

Stair lifts are motorized chairs or platforms that are installed on a rail system along a staircase. It is a good solution for those who cannot climb stairs, and also do not want to remove the staircases they are using. Stair lifts are relatively cheap and simple to set up. These lifts can be easily adjusted for straight staircases or curved ones by customization. They usually come in a foldable design that gets stuck to the wall so that it can give free space for other people when it is not in use. However, they can be tough for lifting heavy objects and might make the interior of the house unattractive.

Platform Lifts

Platform Lift for Home is versatile and can be customized in order to fit multiple architectural designs from straight line pathways, inclined pathways to curved ones. These are designed to transport both individuals and heavy items, providing flexibility for different needs. These lifts are most suited to big houses with complex design, and for one who is looking for robust solutions for both people and goods. But, these lifts require more installation space and higher costs for customization but offer unparalleled versatility and utility.

Residential Elevators

Residential elevators refer to classic home lifts which offer a complete vertical transportation solution. They can be of different sizes and styles, from small sizes to luxurious styles that are designed to match your home’s interior. Residential elevators create a complete vertical transportation product, including an advanced motor system to ensure a smooth ride. They make the homes more luxurious and significantly increase the property rate. However, they require some structural building modifications and need a bit higher expense of installing and maintaining the lift.

Residential Elevators
Residential Elevators

Dumbwaiter Lifts

A dumbwaiter, which is a small elevator and acts ad portable lift for home is used to move things like groceries and laundry between floors, is a perfect addition to a multileveled house because it allows you to move items without using any manual effort.  These small devices are ideal since they are space – saving hence can fit well in places such as the kitchen or laundry room. They can be moved either by hand or using a machine controlled system depending on their design. Even though they can only be used to move goods, they will save physical effort and time.

What is the process of choosing a Right Home Elevator Lift?

Before choosing the right home lift for your need, you should consider these questions:

Space and Structure: Assess your home’s layout and available space for fit. Consider the lift’s footprint and structural changes required for installation.

User Needs: Next thing that you have to consider is, What are the mobility and accessibility requirements of yours? As well as Does the lift meet the needs of all your potential users, including those with mobility issues?

Aesthetic Preferences: when you are going to invest in your home, you want it to look aesthetically pleasing, that brings the question What style will fit in with your home’s interior and exterior? What materials and finishes will blend in with your home’s decor?

Budget: Consider installation costs and long term maintenance costs. Is the lift a sustainable investment for your budget?

What is the Requirement for Home Elevator Lift and How is it Installed?

Home Lift Installation generally depends on various factors such as the type of lift or your home structure and many other factors, here is the overview of home elevator lift installation process:

Initial Assessment: A professional lift assessor will visit your home to assess the layout and structure to see if a lift can be fitted or they will suggest to you the better place for lift positioning.

Design: The lift is designed to fit your home’s dimensions and needs. This includes choosing the right materials, finishes and features.

Pre Construction: After the design selection is done, the next steps include building a lift shaft or pit, reinforcing floors and ensuring electrical connections or any necessary construction work is required to be done.

Installation and Testing: At the final stage the lift parts are installed as per our manufacturer’s specifications and after the installation is completed it gets Tested numerous times to ensure the lift is safe and smooth. In case there is some adjustment required, it will be fine tuned that time only. Consider all elements to derive cost of installing a lift in your home.

Go through this Checklist for Home Elevator lift Installation

How to Maintain and Ensure Safety of Home Lifts

It is not just about the installation of lifts, for the safety of passengers and lifts it is required to do the regular maintenance so that it can last longer and keep the worth of your property:

  • Regular professional inspections are scheduled to proactively identify and address any potential issues with the lift before they have a chance to escalate into larger problems that could impact safety or functionality.
  • Crucial safety features are checked after certain time periods by qualified technicians to verify they are in proper working order and meet all relevant codes and standards, giving you confidence in the lift’s safety.
  • User education is a big part of lift safety. You are taught how to use the lift safely and what to do in an emergency.
  • In an emergency, having plans in place is everything. Those plans will show what to do, who to call and which way to go to get out of the lift and to a safe place as quickly as possible.


Home lifts provide a variety of advantages, from greater accessibility to improved comfort, luxury and increases the value of property. It is possible to select the best lift for your house if you know the various kinds of home lifts as well as your exact needs and limitations. Your home living experience may be changed by installing the correct home elevator lift, whether it is a streamlined pneumatic vacuum lift or a solid hydraulic lift. So just make your plan and rest of the things will be taken care of from our side from suggesting to installing and post installation services of the home lift.